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About Us

Not only am I a full service management company in York, Maine, I am a small

company that knows each and every customer, along with each and every need.  When you make a call, you will get me, not an answering service or receptionist.  When I say I am here to help, you will hear me over the phone or see me at your property. Now, what does that mean to you? Well, as a property owner, I can maintain and manage your property as much or as little as you would like.  

As a residential property owner, I can make sure your home is safe over the winter or while you are away, or we can manage all of your contractors, from cleaning services to snow plowing.  As a tenant, we can find you a year round, winter or weekly rental.  As a landlord, we can fill your property with either weekly, seasonal, winter or year round tenants, we can aid with your cleaning and linen services as well as wash windows.

As a commercial landlord or tenant, we can find a perfect match for your business or facility. As a condo association or homeowner's association, we can cater to the level of service you need.

I have been in property management for over 15 years and have covered everything from basic property maintenance to homeowner's associations.  

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